Sipromac was founded in the 1980s and has been recognised in the Food Packaging and Processing for manufacturing strongly built equipment that will last for decades. Sipromac distinguish itself from its competitors by offering high quality equipment at lower prices than reputable manufacturers, and having one of the lowest maintenance cost for its equipment of the industry.

For Sipromac, R&D and engineering has always been a top priority. For that reason, Sipromac has shipped its equipment over 70 countries over the years and has a massive numbers of equipment throughout North America. Sipromac has been providing different equipment such as vacuum packaging and processing machine to international Restaurant Chain and Hotels over the years. Sipromac Equipment help food processors to process and package your everyday meals that you buy from your neighborhood grocery or corner stores.

When it comes to food safety, you must think of Sipromac equipment. With more than 20 different sizes of Vacuum packaging machine, Sipromac can help a wide range of clients from a small butcher to a large processing plant. For Sipromac team, the size of your project does not matter, we are committed to offer you a suitable solution for any project.

Today, Sipromac is owned by a private holding company owning different manufacturing companies in the food industry.



SIPROMAC has seven table top vacuum packaging machines of different sizes that are ideal for small or start-up businesses with a low production output.

When space is limited, these compact table top machines are the perfect solution.

Sipromac table top vacuum packaging machines allow hotels, restaurants, grocery stores and butcher’s shops to package meat, poultry, fish, cheese and other foodstuffs impeccably, every time. In addition, these machines are well-suited for packaging pharmaceuticals, medicine or laboratory items, as well as a variety of products from the electronic and institutional sectors.


Sipromac has four models of double-chamber vacuum packaging machines, all of which have four sealing bars and two sealing chambers. The spacious chambers can accommodate high volumes of large products. The pivoting wheels on these machines make it easy to move them from place to place.

A rear conveyor may be installed on one of these machines to unload products and transfer them to a heat shrink tunnel or production chain.


Sipromac has three models of automatic thermoformers. Film thickness varies from 320 to 641 mm to meet your production needs.

Sipromac thermoformers shape flexible or rigid trays customized to your products and cover them with a plastic film to make them perfectly sealed. These machines are ideal for production where efficiency and speed are required.

A number of basic and optional features are offered for Sipromac thermoformers to accommodate a wide range of products. Sipromac can also build customized thermoformers to meet your specific needs.


SIPROMAC has a line of twenty-one vacuum packaging machines, five of which are single-chamber models. Developed for industrial use or to package large products, these sturdy machines have two sealing bars and a spacious chamber to significantly boost output.

The single-chamber machines are easy to clean, meaning they can be used in facilities with the most stringent hygiene standards. The pivoting wheels make it simple to move the machines from one place to another.


Automatic, semi-automatic and manual models

Sipromac has four models of tray sealers, one of which is a manual countertop model (TS-15) for sealing trays without modified atmosphere packaging. Two of the other models are automatic, and the last is semi-automatic.

These Sipromac machines wrap each tray with plastic film, which can be up to 700 mm thick with model TS-70-3, and cut the film once the product is hermetically sealed.

Tray sealer accessories may be changed quickly without special tools.


SIPROMAC has one model of dip tank, which holds 45 gallons of water, and two heat shrink tunnels with a buffer tank that can hold 63 to 70 gallons of water.

The dip tank reservoir is heated electrically in the manner of a water heater.

The heat shrink tunnels are equipped with a conveyor and an electrically- or steam-heated shower that can spray products from the top or bottom. The horizontally adjustable conveyor allows the heat shrink tunnels to be integrated into a packaging line. The tank is insulated to save energy.


Sipromac has three models of tumblers, each with a different marinating capacity: 300, 500 and 1000 lb. These tumblers are easy to use and clean.

In addition to tenderizing and seasoning food, Sipromac tumblers enhance food quality and texture, as well as make food juicier and more flavourful.


Sipromac has seven models, each comprising a smokehouse, cooking and drying cells, steaming cells and smoke generators.

These models are available in different sizes, each with an impressive holding capacity. Customized models may be built to better meet your needs.

They are equipped with an electrical heating system, three temperature settings (humid, dry and internal product temperature) and a semi-automatic washing and rinsing cycle for the ventilation system and cabinet.


Sipromac has seven models of massagers with a large holding capacity ranging from 500 to 10 000 lb. The smooth and readily accessible surfaces can be easily cleaned in compliance with the most stringent FDA and CFIA sanitary standards.

The helicoidal paddle turns gently so as to massage such fragile products as fish or chicken without harming them. Sipromac massagers marinate food in a continuous vacuum for superior results.


Sipromac cryogenic freezers comprise an adjustable ventilation system and high-density semi-rigid rock wool insulation.

The integrated liquid nitrogen system (LIN) of these cryogenic freezers can rapidly freeze or cool foods so as to preserve their characteristics and properties.

CSA approved Sipromac cryogenic freezers have electronic controls, including a temperature sensor and a screen displaying the time remaining for and duration of the operating cycle.